by ryan

One of the best perks about being an explainer is that you get to play with stuff before the exhibits go on the floor. For example today we messed around with the centerpiece of the geometry playground exhibition that’s coming out this weekend – some stellated rhombic dodecahedrons. And while that might not sound so exciting, imagine these 15 lb. hard pointy geometric shapes that look like brightly colored land mines and can fly wildly in any direction. They can be stacked, climbed on, used as chairs but hopefully not as dodge balls.

I personally think its pretty cool that even though we don’t know exactly what will happen with these Stellated Rhombic Dodecahedrons of Mass Destruction (SRDMD)s the developers trust the visitors to have a good experience. We know for sure that they will make an impact on the minds of children who get struck with the brute force of geometry.

Working together like some geometry loving insects.

A version of the exhibit for the mice that live in the bio lab.

Antoine found a great place to hide out when he needs some alone time roaming the mid.