Winter Reading

by ryan

Anyone else both interested and confused when Paul D. says something like, “light is just electricity and magnetism leapfrogging over eachother in the vacuum of space”…

I decided to read up on some of the concepts and people who we’ve been talking about in trainings and I recommend you do the same if you are so inclined. This stuff is really interesting for me since I never took physics or learned any thing about it.

Here are the two books I’ve read so far… 

E=mc2: A Biography of the World’s Most Famous Equation

The Electric Life of Michael Faraday

I liked the first one a little better. It goes over all the different parts of the equation (a chapter on E then = then m then c then ‘squared’). There’s lots of great stories about the people who came up with the various scientific discoveries.

The other book is all about Faraday who came up with all the connections between magnetism and electricity. The story of his life is pretty great and the book helps give understanding of alot of the exhibits upstairs in the mezz.

Both books were pretty great. Next I’m moving on to a book on biology and one on astrophysics. When we come back, I’m gonna be the know-it-all.

MWA HA HA (evil laugh here) MWA HA HA