Some Interesting Links

by ryan

I loved this article about the ‘Year in Ideas 2007.’ Some of the things that people think up are definitely Exploratorium worthy.

Why Didn’t I Think of That?

After we had le blog du frog, it’s time for le blog du turtle (sorry I don’t know how to say ‘turtle’ in French, my lessons unexpectedly stopped). Some of y’all heard me talking about the last two soft-shelled tortoises and the problems they have gettin’ busy.

Let’s Get It On. Aww Yeah!

The science of why drinking can be thought of as a ancient human medicine (just in time for the 1st Annual Great American Nog-Off).

I’ll Have Another Please

Speaking of nog, if anyone has worries about the safety of raw eggs sitting for extended periods of time as the beverage ages, check out this article.

It’s a Hard Nog Life For Us

Luigi had a great training about some interesting aspects of the brain today. Here’s the link to the first part of a five parter on Daniel Tammet, a synesthete who can remember long chains of numbers, has associations throughout all his senses, and still leads a normal life. When you have some time check it out.

Born on a Blue Day

If anyone thinks that these links are totally random and just the product of a random mind wandering, check out this survey and see how your daydreams compare to others.

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