Explainer Yelps

by ryan

Dudes! We live in a freaking awesome city. I wanted to put up a thread on the blog so any of us can share the things that we love most about living in the Bay Area. Feel free to use the categories that I picked totally randomly or else make up some new ones. This might be a nice place to share some of the secrets of the city, just like we share the secrets of the museum everyday. Who needs YELP when you got Explainers to tell you the best of the best.

Best Burrito – El Farolito, near my house on 24th and Alabama (I think). Holy Cow! There’s nothing else better when you want a brick of rice beans meat cheese sour cream guac and salsa. The super burrito with carne asada is incredible. And at about 5 bucks its probably the best food deal in the city.

Best Bookstore – I freaking love Green Apple in the Richmond at about Clement and 6th. I could seriously spend and entire day in that place. I love the used books that they have special deals on…always a good bet. The whole place is structured like any good bookstore, a cozy maze that one can explore and always find new sections and shelves of hidden treasures.

Best Place to Spend a Saturday Morning – I can be found every Saturday morning combing the fruit and vegetable stalls at the Alemany Farmer’s Market. It’s seriously the best one I’ve ever been to. Cheap prices, great people watching, free samples, and a crazy lady that plays an instument that makes a wooden cat dance. The empanadas and bolani are great to eat there and the produce cannot be beat. It’s one of my favorite places in the whole city.

Best Way to Kill a Couple Hours – Going to see a flick at Castro Theater. This is another of my favorite places in SF. I love the old and beautiful theater, the classic movies they play, and the popcorn’s not to shabby. After seeing Ghostbusters on the big screen, I was hooked.

Best Cuppa Joe – Hmmm. This is a hard one. There are so many good places in the city that can keep one away from Starbucks. I’m partial to Philz on 24th when one has time to relax and really enjoy a good handmade cup of coffee. They have tons of choices, so there’s probably a good brew for everyone.

Well those are just some of my favorite things. Let’s get some more recs in the comments. I’d like to see favorite bar, natural location, or even dim sum. By the way…I need a good place to take my dad for his birthday next week, any good ideas?