Halloween and Ghoulloquium

by ryan

This past week, the explainers celebrated Halloween in style. We ate tons of candy, dressed up in great costumes, and oriented the 36 kids who came to museum on Wednesday. During the day, some of us went to the Ghoulloquium, a scary science demonstration by some of the greatest wizards who work at the Exploratorium. Although I’m still a little grossed out by Karen K.’s bags of cat bones and making me reach into a cauldron and grab a human hand. Oh well.

After the work day some of us went to a former explainer, Alex’s haunted house in the Richmond. It was awesome and totally well-prepared. Apparently they’ve been working on it since June. We danced the night away with a lovely brain coral.

Brain Coral…you move it…you shake it around. Brain Coral…you move it…you shake it around. Here’s some more pictures from the day!

Professor Dougherty dons his wizard garb and casts a levitation spell

Is that a ten year old boy or May in a ninja costume?

The explainer faces of death.

“One of us has got to change”

Two beautiful creatures from the deep.