Teaching Science

by ryan

Is it just me or are there a lot of articles about right and wrong ways to teach science lately. Here’s another one from the paper today.

I wish that I had that experience when I was in high school. I think a big reason why its hard for me to get some of the topics that we talk about daily is because I learned science as facts to be regurgitated. I also like how this article recognizes that lame experiments got from “wacky” science books aren’t the answer as well. I liked the final quote…

“Science is, or should be, about the world, not about science,” said Eugene Levy, a professor of physics and astronomy and the provost of Rice University. “But for too many students, science has been presented as a large series of manipulations that they rarely understand or connect to the reality around them.” If there is a message that he wants his students to take from his introductory science class, he said, “it is to grasp that the world is in fact understandable, that rational inquiry can lead to understanding, and that there’s rarely an excuse to say understanding is beyond them.”

Boy that guy who played the dad in American Pie sure is smart!