It’s a Rough Life

by ryan

Last night we had one of those moments that just makes you happy to feel like you’re making a difference in the world. At the Halloween Heroes event, Marcus and I explained some things at the Exploratorium for the 49er girls (mainly where to stand as we took a picture). They were so grateful for our scientific knowledge that they wanted to know how they could ever repay us.

We thought about it for a while and came to the conclusion that since football games are on sundays and the occasional monday, they would be totally free to come by and give us explainers support during the tough work day, much like they cheer on those giant football players in extreme contests of will. So…if you’re getting an eye-ball out of the fridge and you hear a  “Give me an C…” emanating from the demonstration table or if you’re ar the drawing board and see a glitter of gold pom-poms and the chant, “yes…yes we know the cap is on…yes we know the cap is on…”

You know who to thank.

Here’s some more great photos from the event…

Antoine gets in on the fun!

 All three of us look good in Orange and Black

 This guy had a great costume

Be Careful about that hat Marcus 

We’re here to help