It’s Grapple Time

by ryan

Remember way back in training weeks when we were talking about hybrid fruits and I was like oh you mean like a grapple and then people looked at me like I was crazy and said that there’s no way that an apple can be combined with a grape? Remember?

Well I did some research and if this water-skiing apple in a grape ocean has anything to say about it…Grapples are legit.

So it turns out that the company that makes these grapples doesn’t combine them in the same way that one would combine a apricot and a plum to get an aprium. According to the website the process involves infusing all natural grape flavor into a fuji apple. While I’m not real big on the taste of these “fruits” (think dimetapp meets Johnny Appleseed” it’s interesting to think about this as a valid way of combining fruits. The website makes a big point to say “not genetically altered in any way” as if that was a bad thing. But I’m curious to learn what’s really going on with not just these specialty fruits, but the common everyday types of fruits. I know for example that grafting is a not too technical procedure that produces all the kinds of apples we eat by harnessing the power of nature’s variation. I guess the real question here for me is WHY? Aren’t grapes and apples delicious enough on there own that we don’t need a corporate mutant fruit. And if you’re that desperate to combine the flavors, why not just make a fruit salad?