(Insert Rocky Theme Here)

by ryan

Buh…duh duh DUH. We have been trained for two weeks and have come out of it a lean, mean explaining machine. Today the kids begin their annual migration to the museum just like the salmon of Capistrano. But…we’re ready for the invasion! We got new explainers from New York, PA, the Midwest, Texas, the City, and even one who came all the way from France. (Insert stereotypical French laugh). We have mutilated dozens of eyeballs, destroyed all varieties of fruits and flowers, got tutored by some of the Exploratorium’s most sage Jedi masters (er…I mean physics teachers).

So now we are ready to man the drawing board, extract DNA, and even to practice the elusive art of roaming. If the Exploratorium was a Dojo, we’d all be black belts. If the Exploratorium was the army, we’d all be generals. If the Exploratorium was a pirate ship, we’d all be the captain (you get the idea). Enough rambling, but I’m sure that this will be another great year in the life of the explainers- full of discoveries, fun, and excitement.

Plus we know how to make funny faces!!!