No food in the tactile dome!

by ryan

But, if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to indulge in some tasty food in an otherwise sensory deprived environment, a new branch of the restaurant Opaque will soon open in San Francisco. I read a lonely planet article about the hip trend of ‘dark dining’ restaurants. Apparently, restaurants that serve full course meals in pitch blackness are opening all over the world. Some of these restaurants employ all blind waiters and waitresses. Nice! It was really interesting to read about how closely and unexpectedly the sense of sight ties in to taste. The writer of the article mistakes certain foods for completely different dishes.

This idea reminded me of course of the Tactile Dome at the ExplOratorium. (As a side note, if you’ve ever wondered about how tripped out the Tactile Dome really is, check out this quote from the creator in 1975. “Disappear into the void, absorbed like sunshine falling deep into black velvet folds. The Tactile Gallery draws your body in like the Mother Earth herself, pulling you back through evolutionary time and vague fears of death, opening an inner perspective, a magic theater pouring through the mind from places unknown. If you don’t believe me, you’ve probably never been there, because this place is a powerful experience, a reality/imagination trip that leaves few people unshaken.” Holy Cow!)

But the fad of “dark dining” also made me think about the more simple activities that we’ve done in trainings and summer camp with blindfolds. Kristin and Phanna blindfolded us one training, led us into a room with different objects and filmed what happened. And yes its true the world seems a different place when you can’t see. At summer camp we had a great afternoon session where Kristen blindfolded the kids and had them use their other senses without sight. And it really was amazing how much the campers enjoyed it and played along.

So that’s all for tonight. Who’s down to join me for a nice three course meal in the air mattress room of the TD. We just need to figure out how to smuggle in the hobo chimney!