Pineapple Princess

by akikoakiko

 Just back from a week in Maui with Sam, and one of highlights of my trip was most DEFINITELY eating all the fresh pineapple I was allowed to get my hands on.  After a glitch in scheduling, Sam and I got a private, free tour of the Maui Gold Pineapple fields.  It was like being in the middle of a fresh, 6000 acre, all you can eat buffet. 

People, pineapple is now officially my favorite fruit. 

Important things you need to know about PINEAPPLE

1) Pineapple is actually member of the cactus family — it has shallow roots and needs very little water.  Which is surprising, because of all that juicy golden goodness that I’m constantly shoving my face into.

2) One pineapple plant can yield pineapples for pretty much forever, but the fruit gets progressively smaller . . . but SWEETER!  Unfourtunately, it’s not economical for the pineapple farms to sell these cute baby pineapples.  They were so cute, I ate two in a row.

3) Pineapples grow on a spiky plant — kind of like a bush.  Not on a tree, not under the ground.  And the first time the plant yields fruit, it’s one pineapple per plant.  But it’s the biggest one the plant will grow – and they are HUGEO.  I made Sam carry two of these in a backpack on the plane home. 

4) The best part of the pineapple is the base – that’s where you snap off the fruit from the plant, so all the sugars start travelling from there to the rest of the fruit.  So now you know how to divide your pineapple if you have to share. 

5)  Pineapple does NOT ripen the more you wait.  Once it’s picked, it’s done, peoples.  Just eat it.   The skin may change color, but that’s not ripe pineapple, that’s OLD pineapple. 

Now go forth and eat a pineapple!  Or two! 

** a picture me with A Pineapple Flower.  I actually wanted to find a picture with me with the actual fruit, but there were none to be found.  I guess I was just too busy eating. **