Autobots, roll out!

by ryan

Have you ever been walking about the back on the museum when you get the sneaking suspicion that you’re being watched? Luckily most of the time it’s just Albert, the resident ExploratOrium motion detecting scary face.

Have you ever had a conversation with a computer? Or told a secret to a fish for that matter? The ExploratOrium constantly delves into the issues of how perception influences the idea of artificial intelligence.

Now no-one would classify Albert as an intelligent being and having conversations with Daisy can be truly puzzling, yet these exhibits help us zone in on what qualities humans look for with regards to intelligent beings.

In last weeks sunday paper, there was an article titled “The Real Transformers” where they discuss the ways that scientists are begining to redefine the requirements for robotic intelligence. The authors suggest that robots like Optimus Prime (a humanoid with genuine emotions) greatly influence human perception of these issues but may not be similar to the actual way that robotic intelligence may develop on this planet. Luckily The Transformers come from outer space.