Sandwich Guild

by ryan


We at the exploratorium love guilds. There are guilds for artists and guilds for scientists and now there is a guild created especially for sandwich lovers. During the field trip off-season some of the explainers work at the Exploratorium summer camp. And as a rule, when working with kids for eight hours a day, one gets a little hungry. The summer explainers modified the exisiting lunch clubs that flourish over the school year and decided to create a sandwich experience for all time.

In our system, one person is responsible for bringing stuff to make sandwiches for one week out of the summer. Since there are enough people in our guild, it means that we only need to think about what to do for lunch one week out of the summer. We can decide to bring turkey, ham, PB&J, ice cream, or any other kind of sandwiches that our hearts desire. Today Kristin brought ingredients to make delicious steak pitas (we brought a Foreman grill for making paninis or grilling meat). This seems like a great system for any group of employees including firefighters, exhibit developers, or circus performers. Just don’t forget to make up a secret handshake.