Jurassic Park IV (the Review)

by ryan


So last weekend I went down to Slims to check out the last performance of Dawn Riddle’s latest theatrical outing, Jurassic Park IV (the musical). The plot concerned the heroes from the first three movies traveling back to the dinosaur filled island to infect the giant lizards with a terrible disease.

The musical had amazing dance numbers led by a giant red squid who really knew how to shake its booty. The songs frequently climaxed in two or three part harmonies. And Malcolm (the Jeff Goldblum character) had a hilarious song about the dangers of meddling with mother nature.

I have mad respect for Dawn for writing such a awesome and creative play. The whole concept of a musical as an opening band for a concert is totally unique and cool. The performance had ties to the current politcal climate as my friend noticed the parallels between the supposed threat of a dino-take-over to the hysteria surrounding immigration. Plus the musical ended with the three dinos dancing and destroying buildings.

After Dawn’s show we stuck around to see Harry and the Potters, a time-traveling band that joined Harry from year 4 with Harry from year 7. All their songs were about the books. They even got the crowd to chant “We are Harry Potter” along with the music. They had a great sense of humor and played about 56 songs in a hour set. All in all it was an awesome night! I want to wish Dawn the best as she moves on from the explainer program. I know there are alot of us holding our breaths for Jurassic Park V (the musical).