Google This!

by ryan

One of the funniest information that comes in on the “blog stats” page in the wordpress toolbar, is a list of search engine terms that led unsuspecting browsers to the exploratorium explainer’s blog. Our blog delves into a wide variety of topics, but you’d be amazed to see what actually attracts visitors to this page.
The most consistently popular search theme has to do with the chicken embryo. Almost every day someone is searching for “photos of five day chicken embyro” or “chicken embryo facts”. I wonder if these are people who see the exhibit or if they just have great curiousity about chicken development. If that’s the case, do other animals generate the same interest. Say we made a post about rhinocerous embryos. Or maybe people are just freaked out when they happen to buy unfertilized eggs and turn to google for answers.
Naturally a lot of hits just come from people who type in things like “exploratorium” or “explainers blog”. Although one person searched for “the great explainers” and was directed to the appropriate site. Good thing he didn’t search for “the terrible explainers” – their blog sucks!
Many times the exploratorium explainers blog can serve as a valuable reference authority for those in need of answers. Some recent hits to the page resulted from people trying to find, “astonishing photos of neptune”, “the nauhatl word for cool” and “how to make watermelon vodka”. While at the time none of these answers could be found on the blog, I’d like to help out those poor chaps here, here, and here.
Of course people always look for photos on the internet. Unfortunately all we can offer to those searching for “bay-to-breakers photos” is a mildly entertaining story about how we got stuck in the traffic of the event on the way to makers faire. Yet for those less picky folks who simply search for “disgusting photos”, we’re more than happy to oblige.