Picture Parade – Last Day pics, and Dawn-a-thon’s pics

by akikoakiko

Sorry so late in the posting these, but here are pics from our lovely last Explainer Day.  Then, at the end, are pictures of pictures, taken by Dawn, then me! 

**Because I have no idea how to put smaller pictures up, I’ve put the links to the files – My pictures come up as full files and they are HUGEO.  Any solutions?  

Yummy potato
Kristin eats death
Marella Potato
Group Hug
Dawn’s Group Hug Part 1
Dawn’s Group Hug Part 2
Akiko + Sylvia
potato prep
Andre + potato
Marcus + potato
Sylvia + potato
Akiko + potato
Group picture 1
Group picture 2

Ryan’s fave exhibit
Sarah is totally grossed out by the brain
a beautiful day . . . to SACK!
Ryan + Shonky
Akiko + May