Filling those lazy days

by ryan

Asian Art Museum of San Francisco

For anyone who needs some inspiration for what to do during the break between field trips and Summer camp. I suggest breaking out your “lost” ID cards and heading down the the Asian Art Museum for a really cool exhibition on the god of Manga, Tezuka. While I previously knew nothing about the Japanese comic book phenomenon, the visiting collection of storyboards, cover art, and comic strips provided a few hours of bargain entertainment.

The Manga exhibition goes through September 9th, so there’s plenty of time to head down to the civic center and check out the stuff. It’s also interesting to see how they converted a whole room of the museum into a “typical manga-obsessed teenager’s bedroom” inviting visitors to peruse the extensive collection of comic books on comfy bean bag chairs. On July 7th there will be a huge event called “Blast Off” with talks, demonstrations , and apparently Dance Dance Revolution. Plus they have a blog all about the exhibition. All of these are nice examples of a more traditional museum branching out and becoming a more interactive experience. Plus the comics are pretty insane.