Are you or do you know these people?

by ryan

Good looking crew!

Today was last day of the explainer field trip year. Some of us are continuing on to work at the Exploratorium summer camp, others are moving to different departments in the museum and a few of us are hanging up the orange vest for good.

One of the main goals of our explainer blog has been to create a record of our thoughts, observations, and lame jokes for future generations. This space can also be a place for previous crews of explainers to share some of their own memories of exhibits, stories about Paul D, or great albums that they’ve been diggin lately.

We’d like to offer this specific post as a place for “explainers of the past”  to comment and let us know what you have been up to since leaving the job. Whether you have become professional hackey sack players, hot dog eating champions, or third grade teachers, we’re interested in hearing back from everyone. And after you’ve spilled your guts on the comment section of this blog post, browse around the past entires on our site, check back often, comment on other posts, and keep the dialogue going.