Crying Our Eyes Out

by ryan

Thursday was Phanna‘s last day at the exploratorium. He has been an explainer for the past three years. Phanna has a natural gift for interacting with kids and always placed a focus on the ones who might not be excited about school, science, or the ExplOratorium. We all learned a lot from him.

To commemorate his long dedicated service, Kristin baked chocolate brownies with printed portraits of Phanna and we all sat around in a circle and said nice things about him. Although, even after extolling all his virtues, I don’t know if it makes up for him going on vacation 6 days early. There wasn’t a dry eye in the lounge as we flipped his picture upside-down, the standard tradition for departing explainer.

On a semi-unrelated note, I found this amazing video about a maker of artificial eyes. I even got a little misty during the last part of the video. Maybe I’m just especially emotional these days.