Yosemite – Explainer Wonderland

by ryan

I'm so small!

I spent the weekend in Yosemite National Park and had a great time hiking, snaping photos, and relaxing. There are so many cool animals, plants, and rocks to see that I felt like an explainer in a candy shop. I noticed mucho cool aspects of the flora, fauna that have to do with some of the demos we teach and exhibits that we play with every day. Here are some cool facts along with links to some of my photos.

Giant Sequoias, like the Grizzly Giant, can live to be over 3000 years old and are simply the largest living things known to man. Even though they are super tall, their roots don’t go down more than 6 feet.

They reproduce with cones. It takes outside forces like animals or fire to release the seeds, and less that one in a million becomes a new sequoia.

Speaking of botanical reproductive healing, check out the thorns on this fruit.

We can add deer to the list of animals with tapetums. For those of you who missed my eleven o’clock cow eye, a tapetum is the greenish layer on the back on the eye that helps certain animals see better in low light.

This caterpillar spent its whole life getting to the top of the mountain. Well done young man!

Yosemite Valley was carved over millions of years by glacial action. Explain that Creation Museum!

And I went face-to-face with a California Black Bear, it was pretty scary, but I ultimately frightened it away with my mighty growl.