The making of a pyro.

by akikoakiko

These days, I’ve been spending a lot of time with Catch a Falling Spark.  I was with a kid the other day, and we were taking turns cranking the handle at warp speed and smushing the steel down to make the sparks triple in volume.  This kid was cranking so hard, he was yelling his manliest, “HAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” yell that his 9-year old lungs could project as he cranked with both arms.

After we thoroughly exhausted ourselves, he asked me if we could start a fire with this thing.  Although I knew the answer was no, I said, “Do you have any paper?”  He got so excited, he gave me his worksheet, and wore out our arms again as we tried to Catch a Spark onto his Pathways worksheet on Magnetism.

There’s something about the possibility of a fire that makes this exhibit exciting and potentially badass.  Fire is fascinating.  And can I just say, my arms are looking way toned!