The Cause and Solution

by ryan

Explainers constantly push the limits of creativity in the expression of culinary arts, including the possible invention of bbq-ed bacon last Saturday at Sylvia’s house. Additionally we are known to utilize scientific processes in our day-to-day lives.

The weekend after next, let’s combine these two powers to witness the conversion of carbohydrates to ethanol facilitated by some eukaryotic organisms. Or in layman’s terms, let’s make some beer!

As some of you know, I’ve made a few batches and can help guide the whole process along (as well as provide the location for the scientific process). The only thing we have to figure out is what kind of beer we want to make. Some (namely Akiko) have suggested a fruity peachy hefeweisen. Others, like Luigi, insist on making a manlier beer. Any other ideas? I want to have an online vote on the blog! Also, we need a kick-ass name for the finished product. To inspire thoughts, here are some pics of my last brew. Hope everyone can make it!

Bottles on the Proch
Saved bottles ready to be filled.

Leftover Yeast
The remnants of secondary fermentation.