Let the chameleons be!

by Luigi Anzivino

Explainers! This is a call to arms, because the Creation Museum is about to open, so I think it is more important than ever that we as explainers are well educated on evolution, and ready to present its facts and figures if called upon to do so. And I am thinking that the ExploratOrium as an institution might want to come out more vocally in support of it. Takes sides, as it were. Because, according to this New York Times article, the other side has $27 million in backing and claims, among other things, that:

Photo by Scott Kinmartin
  • chameleons change color to “communicate their mood” rather than as an adaptive mechanisms developed through, you know, evolution;
  • dinosaurs and humans peacefully co-existed, and they all ate only plants;
  • fossils were somehow made as a result of the flood (?);
  • and the Grand Canyon was carved within days, which is somehow proved by Mount St. Helen’s eruption.

And that’s more than just silly, it’s dangerous, because once again it’s an attempt to hijack the language of science, and distort it to try and prove a matter of faith. And it’s making me grumpy. You wouldn’t like me when I’m grumpy.