Maker Faire 2007: photos, photos, photos!

by Luigi Anzivino

(For a more leisurely stroll through photos, check out my flickr set.)

As Ryan said, Maker Faire was extraordinary. The ExplOratorium booth was a mixture of high and low tech wonders, simple ideas spun out into marvelous directions. Charles’s fog pool was eerie and magical; the concept if fairly simple: fog is swirled and a green laser visualizes the swirls and turbulence within. However, the exhibit was, I understand, technically challenging to make.

On the other end of the spectrum, there was a homemade battery prayer wheel, which was technically primitive, but because of that had an equally mesmerizing effect.

My favorite moments, however, where the kissing antics at “Ohm is where the art is”, and the reactions from people to the homemade hairdryer Bernoulli ball levitator.

Also, Adam’s mechanical clock had crowds waiting for the big moment at 12:59.

I can’t wait for next year, I hope to be part of it again!