Magical Light Painting Adventures

by ryan

Luigi Pac Man

Whew! What a crazy weekend. A bunch of us had a great time working at the Maker Faire on Saturday and Sunday. I’m hoping Ouigi will post a slideshow of some of his awesome pictures of the whole event (a la Scrubbing Water Clean). But until he gets the chance, let me share an activity at the ExplOratorium booth that the explainers spent a fair amount of time facilitating. Those folks at PIE had another briliant idea with the Light Painting. It is a totally simple concept that produces amazing results. Basically they set up a darkroom, with a digital camera on one end and a frame on the other end. We set the camera to take long exposure photographs so that when people moved light sources around, the camera would record the entire journey. If they wanted to be in the picture as well, we could flash on a regular light for a second or two and capture their pose.

Ryan Fireball

Luigi and I were both inspired by our precious childhood memories of playing video games. While Luigi fulfilled his lifelong dream of entering into the Pac-Man maze, I channeled Ryu from Streetfighter to unleash a powerful Hadoken. You can check out all the photos from both days on Gallery. Make sure to find Sarah scolding herself and the one of Eric where he looks like someone from Nightwatch. They even have the directions in PDF if anyone wants to try this a home (sounds like a good summer camp activity). A great time at the Maker Faire was had by all. Can’t wait til next year!