Keen on Achene

by tribekat

Ryan, I had to confirm all that stuff we’ve been saying about dandelions. The flowers do indeed become a bundle of dry fruits containing the seed, called achenes, ready to fly fly away.


BUT! Many dandelions reproduce without fertilization. This process is called apomixis and looks like an excellent crossword word. You know what else? They have THREE sets of chromosomes in their nucleus! That makes them a triploid. Hee!

OH! Strawberries are just accessory fruits! What? The seeds on the outside are achenes and are technically the botanical fruits. The yumminess we eat is just lucky, delicious evolution.


AND! Sometimes we have wondered about corn, yes? Yes! The deal is that each kernel is a fruit. Hmmm! This kind of fruit is called a caryopsis, a less excellent crossword word, but still an incredibly impressive bit of vocab.