Pirates of the Exploratorium

by ryan

“Cuthroat Lars” “Black Pegs” and “Voodoo Charity”
Pirate names courtesy of MSN pirate name generator

Arrgh Mateys! Here’s the report from the member’s pirate party. Three of the summer camp counselors got decked out in pirate garb for an evening of merriment, sea shanties, and four year olds making wooden boats with glue guns. And Orlando Bloom was there.

The highlights of the night…

-I found a pirate weapon that looked like a cross between a gun and a knife at the thrift store for 99 cents and then walking around the office seeing if anyone knew what it was. We think it’s either a soil sampler or a cherry pitter.

– Kristin won the wittiest comment of the night award for telling me, as I bumped into the pictured summer camp poster, spilling water all over the floor in the process…”It’s a sign” Buh Duh Chchch

– The photo on this post and Anne’s wholesome pirate face. Actually I think Anne is sort of like Arnold in Terminator II when the kid is trying to teach him how to smile and his facial muscles and neural net processor can’t quite get it. That’s Anne, only the exact opposite.

– Kristin and I got to leave with some “pirate booty” of food and drink that we promptly buried in the sand somewhere outside of the museum.
All in all, a pretty fun night!