No Freaking!

by b4sunrise

Prom 1
Three’s not a crowd for explainers
reliving their high school prom memories!

It’s prom season. Glamourous. Glamourous . Glamourous. I decided to jump on the bandwagon and join in the fun by going to prom, too. Like a dream come true, I attended the event with two hot studs – Ryan J. & Marcus A. We spent our night frolicking on the dance floor, enjoying ourselves. We would’ve been crowned Prom Kings and Queen but we were caught freaking by the Dean who spent his night walking through the dance floor with a “No-Freaking” sign. Banned from the dance floor, we spent the rest of our night in the Mind Theater chilling and waiting for kids to come in to make out so we could scare them off.

These pics are evidence from our wonderful evening…

The Studs
Marcus and Ryan strut their looks in the skylight. No sign of unit 99!

Prom 3
Marcus expresses his jealousy with a well timed karate chop!

Prom 2
Things got a bit wild.

Chilling in the Mind Theater
Banned from the dance floor after we were caught freaking…