My Latest Exhibit Crush

by ryan

While I’ve had some deep relationships with exhibits like turntable, the bubble tray, and catenary arch, no exhibit on the floor has been satisfying me lately like the musical drinking fountain. It just the perfect exhibit to show to visitors (whether in orientations or one-on-one). If you don’t believe me, I have six reasons why this little number has stolen a piece of my heart.

1. Its a simple concept and every part is transparent. The ehxibit makes musical tones when the circuit is complete and electricity can flows through the whole system.

2. Its fun to make songs by keeping one hand on the copper band and quickly poking the silver surface with one finger, producing a new and suprising note everytime depending on how much current can flow through that part of your hand.

3. Electricity can flow through people. So when one person touches the silver and one touches the copper…touching each other’s hands makes the musical tones. You can make some really sweet high fives.

4. This concept works with 17 or more people all linked together creating a chain. Most of the best exhibits at the exploratorium have to be used by more than one person at once.

5. Its probably one of the only exhibits where you really can use all 5 senses (wait…can you smell water?).

6. Its hidden as a functional object. I really like how it rewards those who have their eyes and ears open and are curious about everything around them, not just the labeled exhibits.

Has anyone else had any other cool experiences with this baby? Don’t worry, I won’t be jealous.