Prom in Paris

by akikoakiko

I went in today, thinking I’d have a chill evening as a Receptionist- I even brought the magazine from Japan that I’d been saving – but was asked to be an Explainer instead, due to lack of staff.

 Never fear, the Explainers are here: May and Akiko

 So May and I spent the evening frolicking shamelessly among the promsters. 

 We danced.  We danced some more.  We posed a little.  Okay, we posed a lot.  We ate some food (including a spectacular chocolate fountain fondue).   We worked, too.  Really hard.

Explainers, what’s your 20?

We’re in Paris.

May got a cute hat while she was there.   Akiko was the Prom Queen.

 For the complete evening, click here