Running Diary of Event Reception

by ryan

Preface – This is a story about what happens when an explainer takes off the orange vest an enters into the exciting world of event reception. Behind the front desk I will have plenty of time for self-reflection, incoherent muttering, and possibly the chance to give someone directions to the best place to take pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge! Fun Fun Fun.

6:12 PM – The event starts in 45 minutes. The explainers have had a rough time so far with twenty minutes of hacky sack followed by an intense half hour of crossword puzzling. And now thanks to the ninja pizza man we can eat! Seriously…the dude appeared out of nowhere…definitely a ninja! Crazy.
Speaking of ninjas this is an awesome website…Real Ultimate Power

6:31 PM – One of the best things about working the front desk is that you get to root around in the lost and found and claim things that you want. In two weeks I’m gonna score a Spongebob Squarepants hat if nobody claims it. It’s gonna be sick! Also I’m thinking about snagging a Power Rangers backpack, but its kinda dirty. Oh well.

7:21 PM – The guests arrived 20 minutes ago and Luigi reports that they are a good crowd. No funny phone calls yet. I’m a little disappointed so far.

8:18 PM – We have a man with kilt in the building. Someone just came in the office and stuck their nose in the lilacs. A woman walked in looking for the place, “where the events are”, and a man left a special note for Dennis.

9:01 – Luigi and I just had an epic bubble making duel while I was on my break. The crowds were astonished as I made a totally huge bubble. Then Luigi made a enormusly gigantic bubble. But in the end I made the biggest bubble of all and won the contest causing the crowd to break into a hearty ovation while Luigi slunk away and cried like a little girl.

9:14 – Marcus is not happy with Dove Chocolates. First they instruct him to ‘decorate his life’. Then they contradict themselves and say, ‘don’t worry about it’. Which is it Dove Chocolate?…Which is it?

9:39 – The event is winding down. The visitors are starting to file out. I’m not getting too many more phone calls except from people looking for sex advice.

10:01 – This will be my last post of the evening. As Chick Hearn used to say…this event is in the refrigerator, the door is closed, the lights are out, the eggs are cooling, the butter’s getting hard and the jellos jiggling. Now comes the take down for May, Marcus, and Luigi while I (the receptionist) continue to chill in the office. Luigi ranked this event a 15 out of 17 and I’m gonna add two more points for the first ever event blog reception diary making it a perfect score. Time to go.