by Luigi Anzivino

I like how much attention to details goes into every aspect of the museum. For example, take the entrance to the restroom. A more “lowly” part of the museum you couldn’t find. Yet there is an exhibit built into the very tiles of the entrance wall, known as the Cafe Wall illusion.

Deceptions, originally uploaded on flickr.

(Go ahead and click on the picture, and look at it large. Measure the lines with a ruler on your screen. They are really straight!)

The nice touch here, the attention to details, is the wall opposite the illusion, the back of the wall where the photographs hang, which you can’t see in the photo. The illusion is created by staggered black and white tiles with grout in between them that is an intermediate shade of gray. The wall opposite has the same tiles, organized in the same way, but with white grout between them, and they look perfectly straight.

So, in the rare occasion that there’s a line to the restroom, people can still look at something interesting while waiting, and with a bit of observant spirit they’ll figure out that the difference lies in the color of the grout, and learn something.